Youtube launches new feature Go Live Together for creators, know everything about it

YouTube: Google’s popular online video platform YouTube has launched a new feature Go Live Together. This new feature will allow select content creators to invite a guest and go live with them.

What is this Go Live Together

Giving information about this through its blogpost, YouTube said that this feature will be available only to a select few creators. We hope that creators will soon be able to use Go Live Together.”

Where to get this feature

You will get this feature only on smartphones as YouTube has not launched it for the desktop version. However, on desktop creators can schedule a live stream with a guest. Then later you can go live through your phone.

How Youtube Go Live Together feature will work

According to the report, after inviting a guest, their stream will appear on them. This new feature will also allow YouTube creators to change the guest on their live stream. However they can only have one person available at the time of the live stream. Only creators can see the live stream analysis in YouTube Studio.

It is necessary to follow the guidelines of Youtube

YouTube has clarified that the host will be responsible for the live content played on the channel during the live stream. In addition, he/she needs to ensure that he/she and guests comply with all of YouTube’s Terms of Use in all Community Guidelines, Copyright Policy and all other applicable policies for their Content.

How to use Youtube Go Live Together

  • First of all open YouTube app on your phone.
  • Then tap on Create + Go Live Together from the bottom.
  • Then enter the stream information including title, description, monetization settings, thumbnails and visibility settings.
  • Then tap on Done
  • Now choose the option to invite a guest as a co-streamer.
  • Then choose the option to invite a guest.
  • Now copy the same link and send it to your invited guest via message or email.
  • Your guest will then tap on the link sent and wait in the waiting room.
  • Now when you are all set, then only you have to tap on the Go Live button.
  • If your co-streamer is waiting in the waiting room, you will also be notified of your co-streamer’s involvement.
  • Select the Add button to start your live stream.
  • Here your work is over, after which you will be able to go live.

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