WhatsApp brought this new feature related to DP and Status for iOS users, know about it

WhatsApp keeps its app interesting by giving new features to its users. The company keeps on bringing new updates for Android and sometimes for iOS. This time the company has brought a new feature for iOS users. It is worth noting that this feature is already available on Facebook.

what is this new feature

With this new feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to see their status directly from the profile. After this update, users will no longer need to go to the ‘Status’ tab to view the status of their contacts.

WhatsApp brought this new feature related to DP and Status for iOS users

With the new feature, users can go to the profile of any contact who has entered the status. When you touch a contact’s DP, you will be asked if you want to see their display picture or their status.

Along with this, whenever users enter their new status, their profile will start showing in blue circle like Instagram Stories.

How to get this feature

iOS users will get this new feature on WhatsApp’s update version 22.21.77. If you are using it then fine. Otherwise you will need to update your app.

Avatar feature has also arrived on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has also recently introduced an avatar feature in its beta version for iOS users. It is available as WhatsApp beta for iOS update. However, this feature is currently available only for iOS beta users. But it is expected that this feature will soon be made available for Android beta users as well.

Through this new feature, users will be able to set up a virtual avatar like themselves by opening their WhatsApp settings. Once you set up your avatar, you can communicate your feelings better.

The avatar feature is already available on Meta’s Facebook. Along with this, a similar feature is also available on Snapchat.

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