WhatsApp banned 26.85 lakh accounts in India, this work will have to be done for Unblock

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has banned millions of accounts in India in the month of September. In September, 26.85 lakh accounts were banned on the platform. The company has given this information on Tuesday. WhatsApp said that out of the banned accounts, about 8.72 accounts were banned even before the users reported it.

The number of accounts banned in September is 15% more than in August. In August, WhatsApp banned 23.28 lakh accounts. WhatsApp bans suspicious accounts on its platform every month.

WhatsApp gave details of banned accounts

This information is given in the ‘User Safety Report’ issued by the company. According to the report released by the company, ‘Between 1 September 2022 to 30 September 2022, 26.85 lakh accounts have been banned on WhatsApp. Out of this, 8.72 lakh accounts have been banned even before a user can report it. Indian accounts are identified by +91 phone number.

In the month of September, 496 users reported for account ban. The total number of reports is 666. WhatsApp removes a large number of suspicious accounts every month since the IT regulations released last year.

Accidentally banned account, this is how you can request for Unban

Action is being taken against the accounts about which users report. In such a situation, many times the accounts of some users get banned by mistake. Such users can request to remove the ban from their WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp has given this information on its FAQ page. If a user’s account has been banned, then he will not be able to open his account. WhatsApp may ban your account for being involved in spam or scams.

For this, you have to request for unban by visiting https://www.whatsapp.com/contact/ page. After the request, a 6 digit registration code will be sent to your phone via SMS, which you will have to enter. After this you can send your request for review.

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