Twitter Update: Twitter users will get delayed blue tick even after subscription, know what is the reason

Under its new policy, Twitter can delay giving marks even after charging users for verified marks i.e. blue ticks. Twitter is delaying the rollout of verification check marks for customers as part of its new policy until after Tuesday’s midterm elections in the US, according to a report. However, Twitter has not commented on this yet.

Process halted until US midterm elections

The news agency Reuters quoted the New York Times as saying that the company is not taking any decision on this until the US mid-term election. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, this election will decide whether the Republican Party in America or the Democrat Party under the leadership of President Joe Biden will run Congress.

$8 charge for blue tick

It is worth noting that after recently buying the Twitter company, Elon Musk had talked about bringing a subscription policy for Blue Tick. Musk had said that he would change the verification process and charge $8, or more than Rs 600, for the blue tick. Musk’s decision came a week after he bought the Twitter company for $44 billion.

Verification feature launched on Apple’s App Store

Just on Saturday, Twitter updated its app in Apple’s App Store to start charging $8 for blue check verification marks. On the other hand, Twitter has recently laid off 50 percent of its employees, including trust and security team employees. Let us tell you that Musk has asked the top executives of his company to tell a new policy to save up to 1 billion in expenses.

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