Twitter Rule: After blue tick, now common users may also have to pay money! Know Elon Musk’s plan

Twitter Rule: Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk made many changes after taking over the company. With the firing of the CEO, there have been many major changes in the Twitter Rule. In which one is that now all the blue tick accounts will have to pay some charge to the Twitter people. But now the news is that not only blue tick users but also common users will have to pay some money. Elon Musk took this decision after a meeting. That is, if it is implemented, then Twitter access will have to be charged.

Elon Musk’s New Twitter Rule

People were surprised by many decisions of Elon Musk, but people could not digest the matter of giving charge on Twitter. If Twitter starts taking charge from everyone then a lot will change in Twitter. Almost every person uses the best platform of social media, but now many Twitter rules are coming out one after the other. According to the news of Platformer, Musk has made up his mind to charge subscription fees from many users. It has also been claimed in the report that many users will also have to pay for staying on Twitter.

At the same time, those with blue ticks will have to pay a subscription. Twitter blue tick users will be given many more features so that their account will be safe. It is reported that Elon Musk has taken many more decisions in this meeting which will come out one after the other. Users can do limited tweets in a month and after eliminating that limit, charges will have to be paid. If all these things were officially implemented, then there might not be such a crowd on Twitter. According to the information, Twitter blue tick subscription has been implemented in many countries. Although this is not the case in India yet, but soon it can be implemented everywhere.

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