Told Netflix password to someone else, then you will have to pay extra money

Netflix Password Sharing Fee: Are you one of those people who share the Netflix account password? The company has prepared a special plan for such users. These users will now have to pay extra for Netflix password sharing. That is, if you share your password with someone, then the company will charge you extra money.

Netflix has been working on changes to its subscription plans for some time now. Soon the company can offer its cheapest subscription plan. On the other hand, the company has also planned to shock the people who are taking advantage of the subscription in ‘free’. In the third quarter of the year 2022, the company has got some relief in terms of subscribers.

The number of subscribers of the company has increased by 24 lakhs this quarter. The number of Netflix subscribers decreased in the first two quarters of this year. According to the reports, one of the main reasons for the decrease in the number of subscribers is password sharing.

If someone else told the Netflix password, then you will have to give extra money!

Many users share their subscription with other users. Due to this the company was incurring losses. Now Netflix has prepared a plan to avoid this. Netflix has announced to charge extra fees on password sharing.

However this will not happen this year. From the year 2023, Netflix users will have to spend extra for password sharing. The company will add this charge to the ‘Additional Member’s name’ in the billing account.

How much will be the charge?

The company has not told how much charger the subscribers will have to pay for this. At the same time, if reports are to be believed, Netflix can charge an additional fee of 3 to 4 dollars. Apart from this, the company has also introduced a new migration tool.

This feature is for those users who do not want to pay extra charge. With the help of this tool, other users can use your account for profile transfer. With this, users will get personalized recommendations, viewing history, my list, saved games and other settings on starting their membership.

Netflix plans in India start at Rs 149. However, the company has introduced ‘With Ads Basic Plan’ in the global market, in which users will see a total of 5 minutes of ads every hour.

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