Smartphone Dark Mode: With this feature your phone’s battery will last longer, it is present in both Android and iPhone, did you see?

Smartphone Dark Mode: Often used in full light, the battery of the smartphone goes down quickly. In such a situation, we will tell you about such a feature, with the help of which your battery will last for a long time without charging.

This feature is hidden in every smartphone, but people forget to use it very little or say that. This feature is of dark mode. To say this is not just a theme but it is the easiest way to save battery. Also, it has many benefits which we tell you.

Smartphone Dark Mode will double the battery life

The dark effect is seen as soon as this feature is turned on. The background will appear black in your phone and there will be no stress on the eyes. This feature in the phone is really amazing. If you understand in common language, instead of white color, black color will start appearing in the smartphone. This will take the smartphone to a different level.

Smartphone Dark Mode

People also use dark mode to save battery for a long time. In dark mode, the battery consumption is low and the battery lasts for a long time. The higher the brightness level, the sooner its battery gets depleted. Amoled display, due to which the phone consumes the most battery in brightness. Dark mode also does not stress the eyes and you can read anything without stopping.

How to turn on dark mode in smartphone?

To turn it on, you have to go to Settings. After this, you have to tap on the display option. Here you will see Dark Mode which you can enable. After enabling it, dark mode will be turned on. If you want, you can keep this feature on or you can set the setting to turn on after sunset.

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