Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker & True Wireless Speaker

Hello friends, I am back again with a new speaker. Today we are going to talk about such a Bluetooth speaker which is called Truly Bluetooth Speaker. And it is also a water proof speaker. The name of which we are going to talk about is Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

If you are looking for a good and low budget portable Bluetooth speaker, then you have come to the right place, we will give you a good speaker which is best Bluetooth speaker under 40 dollars.

Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker Specification

Speaker TypeSurround Sound, Outdoor
Special FeatureWaterproof, WIRELESS
Model NumberX10
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Model NameX10
Bluetooth Version5.0 V
connectivity range66 Ft
Playtime30 Hr

Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker looks great and is available in 2 colors – Black and Blue. If we talk about its pricing, then it is available for $ 30.39. The special thing about this Bluetooth speaker is that it is a truly wireless speaker.

It comes with support for IPX7 which means that this product is also water proof. You can play music in it for some time even under 3 feet of water, it does not get spoiled by water.

Box Contents

Now we are going to talk about its box contents. If we talk about its box, then the image of a big speaker is shown above the box as well as an ortizan logo.

Talking about the contents inside the box, we first get to see a manual guide, along with a Type C charging cable from which the speaker can be charged and an aux cable is also provided, with the help of which the speaker can also be connected.

On the other hand, if we talk about its main content, then a big portable Bluetooth speaker of Ortizan can be seen, whose look and feel is quite great.

  • Manual Guide
  • Aux Cable
  • Type C Charging Cable
  • Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Looks & Design

If we talk about the look and design of this speaker, then it is available in two colors Black and Blue. On the other hand, talking about its design, this product is made of fabric material, due to which it looks and feels very good to hold.

Ortizan’s logo is seen on both the sides, along with RGB LED light has also been given, which gives a unique night view of them.

To control it with this, 5 buttons have been given above it, which one button turns power on and off, while the other button works to increase or decrease the volume. On the other hand, if we talk about the third button, then it is used to turn on and off the LED light. And the last button works to play music, pause and receive calls.

A small LED is given just next to the button, which shows whether the speaker is on or off.

On the other hand, talking about its port, three ports have been given in it, which is covered with a lid. When you open it, a Type C charging port has been given in it, with the help of which you can charge the speaker. And talking about the second port, there is an aux port, which sometimes comes in handy for connecting to a device without Bluetooth.

Along with this, a port has also been given to insert a micro sd card, in which you can play songs and enjoy music by directly inserting micro sd card.

A strap has also been given in it so that you can take it anywhere. With the help of this strap, you can hang it anywhere and enjoy the music. This strap also comes in handy when riding a bike.

Sound and Bass Quality

Talking about the sound and bass quality of Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker, it comes with 24W Loud Stereo Sound. Which its sound is quite good. On the other hand, talking about its bass, its bass is also very good. When you play it in a closed room, its bass will sound quite cool. Its sound will not irritate you.

Connectivity Technology

There are two ways to connect this speaker, first you can connect it to any Bluetooth device through Bluetooth. This is considered the best medium to connect it. Because you can connect it without wire.

While talking about other medium, you can also connect it to your TV, computer or laptop with the help of aux cable. Many times it also happens that you do not want to connect it via Bluetooth, then at that time you can use aux cable.

Dual Pairing Function

One of the most special things to be seen in Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker is Dual Pairing Function. It is because of this function that makes it different. And the dual pairing function is seen in very few speakers.

The dual pairing function means that you can connect two devices with the Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker at the same time, that too without a wire. And when you play by connecting both the speakers together, then you will feel like you are sitting in the cinema house.

You can operate both of them simultaneously, if you want to increase or decrease its volume, then you can also do it with the button given in the speaker or else you can control both the devices simultaneously from mobile in it.

Battery Life

On the other hand, if we talk about its battery life, then it can run for 30 hours without stopping, such company claims. But if seen, it can run for 20 to 22 hours without stopping. This speaker is quite small to look at but its playback time is very long, which is a good feature.

IPX7 100% Waterproof

Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with IPX7 support. This means that you can also use it in water. By the way, the company says that staying in a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes will not cause any problem in it.

If you are a traveler then it will be best for you as you can use it while taking a shower or having fun on the beach or while having fun in the rain.

Should You Buy

If you want to buy a waterproof and portable Bluetooth speaker, then this can be the best product for you. And also your budget is under 40 dollars then best Bluetooth speaker under 40 dollars for you.

It all depends on you which Bluetooth speaker you want to buy. We have told many features about this speaker so that you can make it a little easier to buy.

Last Word

In today’s article, we have given you information about Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker in full details, I hope you have liked this information.

Even after reading the full review about this, if any question comes to your mind, then you can comment us. We will definitely try to answer your questions.

If you found this review helpful, then you can share it with your friends or relatives so that they also get some information about them before buying anything.

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