Omega Marstimer Watch: This watch will tell the time of Mars, know its amazing features

Omega Marstimer Watch: Often people think that I wish we had such a watch by which we could know the time of another planet. Swiss watchmaker Omega and the European Space Agency are going to make a watch in which you can also find the time of Mars. The work of making this watch is being done by Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer. The name of this brand will be Omega Marstimer Watch and its features are very surprising.

What are the features of Omega Marstimer Watch?

A watch is being built under the Swiss watchmaker Omega and the European Space Agency. This clock, which tells the time of Earth and Mars together, is going to be special. Where the time on Earth is 24 hours, on Mars it is 25 hours and there is a difference of 1 hour between the two. It will tell the exact time and this clock will tell the exact time of day and night on both the planets.

This watch will tell both the time and direction of Mars

The special thing in this clock will be that it will show the right direction without compass. No magnetic compass will be used in this. This clock is going to tell the time along with the direction of Mars along with the Earth. The Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer watch will withstand the temperature as well as the entry into the atmosphere. It will keep running even in the toughest of conditions and this watch has been made very strong.

According to the news, the Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer will be made for the space travelers. This is going to help them and this watch will be quite unique. This watch will have some secret features that will not be disclosed to everyone. But common people can also buy it, although its price will be very high.

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