Keep complaining about Twitter Blue Tick but you have to pay, Elon Musk’s new tweet

Payment will have to be made for Blue Tick on Twitter. Elon Musk has made it clear that his arbitrariness will run on Twitter. He has kept the price of Blue Tick on Twitter at $ 8 per month. However, this price may vary from country to country.

Musk has done many tweets on the Blue Tick charge on Twitter. He has made it clear through a series of tweets. Anyone can get a blue tick by paying money. However, many benefits will also be given to blue tick users. They will also get to see less ads.

Many benefits will be available after paying the charge

Apart from this, they can read paid articles for free. Apart from this, users will also get priority in reply, mention and search. He called it essential to defeat scams or spam. Subscribed users can post longer videos and audios.

The fee of $8 may vary by country. This has been made clear by Elon Musk. Many users are complaining about this. Now he has made another tweet about Blue Tick. In this tweet, he has told that you keep complaining, but it will cost only $ 8.

Let us tell you that Musk has called the current Twitter blue tick system rubbish. Musk has said that the system of owner and worker present on the platform will not work. There will be change in this. In the coming time, anyone can get a blue tick by paying a subscription charge.

For Blue Tick in India, users may have to spend Rs 299 up to Rs 499. However, for this we will have to wait for more information. But, there will be a charge for blue tick on Twitter, it is clear.

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