Google Assistant: Voice assistant facility is also available in the voice of mail, you can start like this

Google keeps bringing many features for its users which are helpful for you. One such feature is the voice assistant which lets you perform your tasks with just voice commands. Apart from this, you can also change the voice of your voice assistant.

Google’s voice assistant, also commonly known as Google Assistant, is available on many Android devices, including Android TVs, Chromecast streaming devices, and Google’s Nest smart speakers. Users can issue voice commands based on their day-to-day activities. Google Assistant tries to sync your needs and responds accordingly.

second voice from 2017

Initially, Google Assistant only had a female voice. However, Google added a mail voice in 2017 and named it Second Voice. For its voice assistant, Google users get to choose between a female voice (Voice I) and a male voice (Voice II).

To use the Google Assistant in Mail Voice, you must first enable it. So let’s know how you can start it on your Android phone.

Google Assistant

do setting like this

  • First of all go to your phone’s settings.
  • After that scroll down and go to Google tab.
  • Scroll down until you see the Settings option for Google apps.
  • Then tap on Search, Assistant and Voice option.
  • Then go to the Google Assistant tab
  • Now scroll down and tap on Assistant Voice & Sounds option, which will be available under All Settings tab.
  • In this, you get red and orange labels indicating female voice and male voice respectively.
  • Now tap on the orange circle to activate Voice Mail for your Android device.

This is how you can enable Mail Voice on your Android smartphone. However, you can use the Google Home app to enable Mail Voice for other smart Google devices as well.

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