EDUPLINK M6 Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you are looking for a portable bluetooth speaker, then you have come to the right place because in today’s article I am going to give you a review about a bluetooth speaker that you will definitely like and the name of that portable speaker is EDUPLINK M6 Pro Bluetooth Speaker.

In today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about its speaker. So if you are looking for a best budget bluetooth speaker then definitely read this article.

EDUPLINK M6 Pro Bluetooth Speaker Specifications

MaterialRubber & Fabric
Wireless Distance>10Meter
Frequency Response Range60Hz~20KHz
Size6.3″ * 3.1″ * 3.1″
Standby Time90 Days
Play Time20 hours (Turn off led light at medium volume)
Supported FeaturesWireless, audio input, TF
Output Power2*10W
WaterpoofYes, IPX7

Box Content

Let us start this article and first of all talk about its box content. You get to see the average box of this speaker, which is similar to the box of the rest of the speaker. You will find its specifications written above its box.

As soon as you open its box, you will get to see USB cord for charging, eight-inch audio cable for AUX and EDUPLINK M6 Pro Bluetooth speaker. Along with this, you will also get manual user and warranty cards in it.

  • EDUPLINK M6 Pro Speaker
  • USB Cord
  • Audio Cable
  • Manual User and Warranty Cards

Physical Overview

Now let’s talk about the physical overview of this speaker, Eduplink M6 Pro is a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can easily carry anywhere. It is of a cylindrical shape which looks very cool and classy. The size of this speaker is 6.3 inches i.e. you can easily hold it in your hand. Along with this, if we talk about the weight of this speaker, then it is of 1lb i.e. 0.4 kg.

This speaker is made from rubber and fabric material. You will get to see the rubber finish on both the sides while the rest is designed from fabric. This speaker is available on Amazon in five colors, you can suck the speaker of your favorite color.

A lot of buttons have been given on the top of this speaker which are used to operate this speaker like increasing the volume, turning on bluetooth etc. You also get to see RGB LED light on both sides of the speaker which makes this speaker even better.


For connectivity, the EDUPLINK M6 Pro speaker has Bluetooth v5.0, through which you can connect it with your phone very quickly and easily.

To connect the speaker with the phone, you have to switch on this speaker, whose button you will find on the speaker itself. As soon as you switch on the power light will start blinking.

After this you turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and pair the M6 ​​Pro in the Bluetooth list. After doing this your speaker will be connected with your phone.

If you do not want to connect with Bluetooth, then you also get the feature of AUX audio cable through which you can connect it with your phone.

This speaker also comes with TWS feature which means you can connect two M6 Pro speakers with one phone at the same time and listen to music on it.

Battery Life

Now let’s come to the most important thing about the speaker which is the battery because sometimes it happens that when we listen to the songs, the speaker shuts down due to lack of battery charge which spoils the whole fun. That’s why it is very important to have a good speaker battery.

In this speaker, if you listen to songs at 50% volume with the LED light on, then you get 20 hours of battery life in it and when you listen to songs with its volume high, you will get to see around 15 hours of battery life. Along with this, the company says that it gets a standby battery life of 90 days. Apart from this, you get a Type-C charging cable, which can fully charge this speaker in four hours.


This portable speaker features an IPX7 rating that protects it from getting damaged by water and dust. That is, you can enjoy the party with it in your swimming pool or beach and its waterproof facility is very good and works very well.

Sound Quality

In this, you have been added Astonishing 360° Sound, so that the sound of this speaker is heard at a volume all around. Along with this, you will get very good sound quality in it. I tested this speaker for 2 days and I really like its sound quality. In this you will get very good bass which will increase the fun of listening to your music.

EDUPLINK M6 Pro Speaker Price

This speaker was launched by the company in the year 2020. As soon as it was launched, this speaker had made a hold in the market. This speaker has got 4.5 out of 5 ratings on Amazon’s official website. If you talk about its price, then you will get this speaker for $39.99. If seen according to its features, then its price is quite right.


  • RGB LEDs light
  • Water-resistance
  • Awesome battery life
  • Fast Connectivity


  • Distortion in high volume

Should You Buy This Speaker

Friends, now it comes to whether you should buy this Bluetooth speaker or not? So my answer would be that it totally depends on you whether you want to buy it or not? Above I have given complete information about it in detail. After that if you like this speaker then you can buy it.

By the way, according to my advice, if your budget is less than $50, then you should buy this speaker because in such a low price you get to see many features in this speaker. You get the feature of waterproof in it, which works quite well, along with RGB LED light is also available in it. So if you are looking for a portable wireless speaker then this speaker will be the best for you.

The Final Word:

So friends, this was the full review of EDUPLINK M6 Pro bluetooth speaker, in which I have given you detailed information about its physical overview, connectivity, sound quality, price, battery life etc. If you have read this article completely then I hope you will not have any questions regarding this speaker.

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