boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker [2022] in India

In today’s time every young man wants to buy a Bluetooth speaker but he does not understand which speaker he should buy. In view of this problem, today we are going to review a Bluetooth speaker.

Whose name is Rugby Plus which is a product of Boat company, so today we will know about boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker in full details its quality and its features.

The design of this product has been done by looking at the ball of the rugby game. That’s why it was also named after the same game.

So let’s talk about boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker 2022 without delay.

boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker Specification

Speaker TypeStereo
IPX RatingIPX7
Driver TypeFerrite
Driver Size52 mm
Sensitivity (dB)800mv
Frequency Response60Hz~18kHz
Battery Capacity (mAh)2000 mAh lithium battery
Playback Time7 hours (70% volume)
Charging Time2-3 hours
Standby TimeIt will auto power off after 5 mins of no signal
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Country Of OriginChina
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range10M
Data taken from boat official site

boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker

If we talk about its pricing, then it is available now in 1999, maybe its rate can also be increased, we have no idea about it. Rugby, the most popular speaker of the boat, you must remember that it is the same success.

So today we will see in it what improvements have been made in it in comparison to rugby. And should you upgrade to it? And we will also discuss about its pros and cons, so read it completely.

Box Packaging

If we talk about its box packaging, then first of all Boat Rugby Plus has been heavily branded. Some key specifications have been given in the bottom part of the box, which you can read and understand. And its price on the rear side is Rs 4,990 but its actual pricing is 1999.

So when we open its box as it is, then we get to see a user manual. Complete instruction has been given to operate it in this manual card, with the help of which you can operate it.

After that the warranty card has also been given by the company. Which comes with one year warranty. A boat catalog and a boat head sticker are also provided.

Apart from this, two cables have also been given, firstly a aux cable and second type C cable has been given so that you can charge the speaker. And the most main product which is to see a big speaker.

If we talk about its color combination, then it is available in three colors Black, Blue and Red. One good thing is that there is no difference in the price of all the three colors.

Physical Overview

Talking about its physical overview, it comes in plastic build and its front and backend metal grill has been given. The boat logo is given at the top. And on top of its overall body, rubber material has been given, which you can easily remove.

It has been given a strap in the right part, with the help of which you can easily carry or hang it anywhere. And all the buttons have been given to operate in its top part. Power button, volume up and down button and a multi task button have been given so that music can be paused and played.

Some specifications have been given in its bottom part. And the io compartment has been given in its left part, here type C port is given to charge it. and a aux jack is given, And one TF port is also given, you can play music with the help of micro sd card.

So its overall body is covered with metal and only a little rubber has been given around it. So if it comes off your hands and falls towards the rubber area, it will not have any impact, if it falls from the front end or backend side, then it may get scratched.

If we talk about its weight, then its weight is about 500 grams, which is quite heavy.

16W Stereo Sound

With 16W Stereo Sound, it is time for you to experience music with just the right bass and clarity in your life. Designed by acoustic experts, Rugby Plus Bluetooth speaker lets you immerse in music just the way it’s meant to be.

IPX Rating

It also comes with a rating of IPX7, so if one meter stays under water for 30 minutes, then there is no problem in it. You can also use them in the shower, rain and Evian beach.

Battery Capacity & Charging Time

Now let’s talk about its battery capacity, so it is provided with a 2000 mAh lithium battery. Which according to the product has been given a very good capacity battery.

If we talk about its charging time, then it may take 2 to 3 hours for full charge. It’s time that the company itself claims. Which takes a long time to charge. If you are thinking of taking it somewhere for travel, then you should put it in charge 2-3 hours before.

Playback Time

If we talk about its playback time, then the company claims that if you listen to music at 70% volume, then it can last up to 7 hours in a single charge. But in reality you can play music for about 4 to 5 hours in a single charge.

Bluetooth Version & Compatibility

Now let’s talk about the Bluetooth version, so the latest Bluetooth version has been used in it, which is v5.0. You can connect it to All Bluetooth Devices.

While talking about its Bluetooth range, it works in the range of 10 meters. Which provides a much better range to use in a room.

Product Warranty

The company gives one year warranty which is fine. Warranty is given for one year from the date on which you purchase the product. If it takes more than a day, your warranty is void.

Sound Output

So now let’s talk about the most important part i.e. its sound output. So first of all we will talk about its base, you must have understood from its size and power output. The boat is known for its base. Base output is much better, so if you want to get any speaker under Rs.2000, then you can think about it.

And if we talk about its distortion, then if you make the volume above 80%, then there will be a distortion feel here. Talking about loudness, you must have understood from its size and power, its loudness is enough, it is enough for a medium size room.


  • Portable
  • Inbuilt Mic
  • Good Base
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Type C
  • Aux, TF
  • IPX7


  • No TWS
  • Average Build Quality

You Should Buy?

Now it comes to whether you should buy this speaker ie boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speaker or not. So overall if you want to buy speaker in budget which has good base output and comes with IPX7 rating. If you also get the support of inbuilt microphone in this, then you can definitely consider it.


Today in this article we have talked about boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speake. So you must have got an idea whether you should buy this or not. If you want to buy it then you can buy it through my affiliate link.

If you found this information helpful, then you can also share it with your friends. And if you have any question related to boAt Rugby Plus Bluetooth Speake, then you can comment us, we will definitely answer your questions.

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